(pictured above: Roberto Guerra, Kathy Brew,Massimo Vignelli and Kyle Bergman at the Poltrona Frau showroom in New York for a reception to kick off Archtober. Photo by Max Flatow; 2012)

The Vignellis, Benevolent Dictators of Design

Linear Genius, Bold and Transformative

Exclusive Video: Learn About the Designers Behind New York City’s Iconic Subway-System Signage

Design’s Long-Reigning Power Couple

Design is One: The Vignellis: Film Review

22 Movies Every Designer Should Watch on Netflix

Design is One: a documentary about Lella and Massimo Vignelli

Film Review: Design is One: Lella & Massimo Vignelli

27 Best Movies & Documentaries for Creatives

Film Review: Design Is One
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8 Must-See Design Documentaries For The Curious and Creative
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The best TV shows & films about Design you can watch right now
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On Netflix Now: Three Films About Design
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Design is One: Lella e Massimo Vignelli film
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Designer Insights with Kathy Brew
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Two Documentaries That Must Be Seen, InRealLife and Design Is One
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Design is one: Tributo a massimo e lella vignelli
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How Lella and Massimo Vignelli Designed our Lives
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L.A. welcomes the Architecture & Design Film festival
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Design & Architecture’ films showcase projects big & small
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“Superb designers are featured in ‘Design is One: Lella and Massimo Vignelli’
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Design Is One: Lella & Massimo Vignelli
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“Design is One”: A Vignelli Documentary Launches the Architecture and Design Film Festival
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Festive: The ByDesign 13 Film Festival
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Firms in Focus The New York edition of the Architecture & Design Film Festival Will Show the People Behind the Projects
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4 minimalism documentaries for every beginner

Wake Up! Massimo Vignelli helped us see our world in new ways

Design’s Power Couple: Lella and Massimo Vignelli

“Design Is One”: Designers Massimo and Lella Vignelli

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DESIGN IS ONE on NPR show The Dinner Party

Raising the Bar: Massimo Vignelli died in May, but his design lives on in the national parks.

‘Design Is One’: Interview with Kathy Brew and Roberto Guerra

Kathy Brew: The Design Is One Co-Director talks behind-the-scenes with the Vignellis

‘Design in One’ documentary explores lives of Vignelli designer couple

Giants on Reel

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Films about industrial design to add to your summer cue

Design is One (Brew and Guerra, 2012)

‘Design Is One’ at the Architecture and Design Film Festival

‘Design is One,’ Upcoming Vignelli Documentary, to Hit Screens in October

Design is One: The Vignellis at the Architecture & Design Film Festival

Architecture: Ready for Its Closeup

Caught on Camera | The Architecture & Design Film Festival

Screenings: 2012 Architecture & Design Film Festival

Festive: The By Design 13 Film Festival

Photo Gallery: Archtober Reception
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