“Its breadth is astounding—how Brew and Guerra fit the Vignellis’ many achievements into an eighty-minute feature is beyond me, but it’s also such a wonderful film to watch.”

– Benjamin Pardo, Executive Vice President & Design Director at Knoll, Inc.

Milano Design Festival, Milan, Italy

The considerable turnout at the showing of the film dedicated to the Vignellis was a demonstration both of interest and of great affection and recognition from the Italian audience towards a couple who have spread the Italian Style around the world. The documentary was appreciated particularly for the accuracy of the information it contained and for the candor with which it presented the famous designers, thus arousing great feeling in the audience.

– Silvia Robertazzi, Milano Design Film Festival Curator

Milano Design Festival, Milan, Italy

We have decided to insert Roberto Guerra and Kathy Brew’s film both in our itinerant programs and in our program for Milan because it is in line with our Festival’s strategy of spreading Italian excellence around the world. With its discretion, simplicity and quality, this documentary contributes in keeping alive the memory and the interest for essential protagonists of the history of Italian design.”

– Antonella Dedini, Milano Design Film Festival Curator.

Tonight I watched “Design Is One” and I was deeply moved. What an inspirational documentary this was! I am saddened by the loss of both Massimo and Roberto. The impressions left in my mind from this film will echo for a lifetime! I look forward to recommending this to all my colleagues and future employees. Well done!

– Tim White, Senior Designer, Verti Design Group


Massimo and Lella Vignelli are both hugely important to the past, present and future of graphic design internationally. What a pleasure to spend time with them and get to know their work and equalling charming and captivating personalities through this film. Thank-you for capturing and preserving these two leaders in our field.

– Louise Kellerman, Founder and Director, designassembly.org.nz


What I love about Design is One is the deep and telling portrait it creates of the lives and life philosophies of towering, 20th century designers. This has been done many times with the lives of artists, but with designers, this documentary will go down as one of the first.

– David Frazier, Festival Director

ByDesign 13, Seattle

Kathy Brew and Roberto Guerra’s Design is One so wonderfully captures the honesty and authenticity that drives Lella and Massimo Vignelli’s holistic approach to their work and relationship. It is difficult to stay true to your design philosophies and methodologies, especially as the world becomes more complicated. The Vignelli’s so gracefully share the importance of values, vision, timeless design, and the trust of loving partnerships and relationships… Design is One.

– Cameron Campbell, ARCADE Board of Trustees, Communication Strategist Teague

A beautiful insight to a heartwarming relationship. Not only between Lella and Massimo, but the dedication to their craft. It was incredibly inspiring to see the rhythm between them, the pace of their process, and their ongoing passion for design. We left feeling excited, encouraged, and with the desire to fill our lives with creative passion.

– Sallyann Corn, Co-founder fruitsuper design, Chapter Chair IDSA NW

A Design Film Festival Singapore 2013 An elegantly produced film charting the partnership of the Vignellis and their dedication to fight ugliness with good design. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the film and commend the directors for embarking on this important documentation of one of the greatest designers alive today. We are very proud to have the film included at A Design Film Festival 2013 in Singapore and look forward to future productions from Kathy and Roberto.

– Felix Ng, Festival Director, A Design Film Festival

Savannah College of Art & Design, Atlanta, Georgia

This film is about Lella and Massimo Vignelli’s love and enthusiasm for ‘good design’ which is evident in their life journeys as designers. Everyone who has met Lella and Massimo knows that their designs and their lives are ‘one’ and the same, and this film is a testament to that unity. Good design. Good lives. Very good film.

– Henry Hongmin Kim, Associate Chair, SCAD Graphic Design (Savannah College of Art and Design)  | Creative Director, Pyrrha Studio

The film, Design is One, brilliantly documents the modernist design endeavors of the Vignellis and their lifetime passion for design. Throughout the film, it becomes clear that their design solutions are based on fundamental design principles, aesthetics, functionality and common sense. The film also reveals the Vignelli’s humanness and sense of humor. My favorite scenes are Massimo’s explanation of the Heller coffee cup design and the interaction between Massimo and Lella in their kitchen while preparing the spaghetti lunch. All designers (including graphic, interior, furniture, industrial and product) as well as all architects should see this enlightening film.

– Barry Roseman, Professor of Graphic Design | Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta campus)

Environmental Film Festival in Washington, D.C. – D.C. Premiere

The film was AMAZING!!! The crowd was way past capacity..what a great turnout.I normally cannot stay focused on design films because I am immersed in design all day and every day…but I found the film to be well paced, intriguing, incredibly entertaining and well edited…kudos for such a wonderful movie!

– Douglas Burton, Director of the Washington DC International Design Festival and owner of Apartment Zero

The audience loved the film — and found the post screening discussion very engaging.

– Georgina Owen, Associate Director
Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital

Savannah College of Art & Design Museum, Savannah, Georgia

The screening went very well! We had several of our faculty from graphic design, illustration and advertising design lead a panel discussion following. The students were so impressed with the Vignellis’ achievements and noted some generational differences in the design process. They contrasted contemporary designers’ computer-driven digital media with the Vignellis’ clean and simple style. As a result, our students see the need to develop their own signature style to achieve success in their careers. What a wonderful resource for our students!

– Kimberly Shreve  | Managing Director  | SCAD Museum of Art

Architecture & Design Film Festival – World Premiere

We were thrilled to have Design is One as the opening night film for the Architecture & Design Film Festival. It’s more than an amazing design story; it’s a beautiful love story. A love of products, graphics, architecture and of each other.

– Kyle Bergman, AIA Founder and Festival Director

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